50 million people in the United States today suffer hair loss. Weather it's genetic or environmental, we can not or shall not let our hair loss stop us from feeling less than normal.

With the limited amount of natural solutions out there, hair extensions is the solution to get the longer fuller hair you have always dreamt about, without the pain of growing it out.

Hair extensions are the most sought out service in the hair industry today.

Traditionally, there have been three methods of extending hair: gluing, sewing, or chemically bonding, none of which really work. Glue causes problems because it often melts when exposed to heat, such as sunlight, blowdryers and heat styling products. Sewing and braiding can cause tension hair loss for some people, and chemically bonding can damage hair that is already fragile to begin with.

What makes micro-links or also known as the Dream Catchers method better? The micro-link hair extension method uses a special "strand by strand method to create length and true color without causing any damage. The extensions are applied behind the hairline and away from the natural partings with the small copper lock, the size of a tiny pea.

It creates natural fullness and length with no stress to your own hair in 2 hours or less, if you choose an experienced stylist to apply them for you.

We will custom match your color, adding highlights, lowlights and even hot colors such as pink, purple or blue.

HNL Studio stylists are one of the few salons trained extensively with the micro-link/Dream Catchers method and has the expertise in customizing a color that will enhance your skin tone, confidence and match your texture to perfection.


Who can wear micro-link hair extensions?

Anyone ready for longer, fuller, more luxurious hair can benefit from the micro-link hair extensions. They add length, and movement while your hair grows. The application is painless and effective.

How long does it last?

Depending on your hair type, most people can go up to three months before needing any service. With hair extensions you can color and style your hair just like normal hair. You can even you use hot tools without doing any damage.

Can this method cause damage?

All hair extensions can cause damage if they are not applied correctly, or not taken care of by the customer. By pulling and brushing hard, you can pull out your own hair. While the hair can grow back, constant pulling from the same spot can cause a scar tissue, otherwise known as a bald spot.

Things to know while you wear our extensions:

1. Don't sleep with wet hair

2. Use good haircare products on your investment, such as shampoo, conditioner, leave in condioner and thermal protection to ensure your hair and the extension hair last the longest possible amount of time.

3. While conditioning the extensions are a must, applying conditioner on roots in the shower can cause slippage. Apply conditioner from the ponytail to the ends only. Apply leave in conditioner after you towel dry your hair, then brush and style as needed.

Brush extensions by holding your ponytail brusing from buttom up to ensure there is no pulling and tugging. Do this at least twice a day.

Hair Extensions